facts about laboratory technicians

10 Interesting Facts about Laboratory Technicians

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Facts about Laboratory Technicians give the interesting information about one of the important job positions in the laboratories. The primary jobs of the laboratory technician are to perform various tests related to the tissues, fluids and substance as well as to collect samples. They work along with the medicine laboratory scientists or medical laboratory technologist. Let us check other interesting facts about laboratory technicians below:

Facts about Laboratory Technicians 1: the job vacancy in 2014

In 2014, almost 50 percent of all medical laboratory technicians and technologists worked in the hospitals. Others worked in the diagnostic laboratories or even doctor’s offices.

facts about laboratory technicians
facts about laboratory technicians

Facts about Laboratory Technicians 2: how to become a laboratory technician?

Is it difficult to become a laboratory technician? That is a very hard question to answer since you need to earn a bachelor degree along with a postsecondary certificate or an associate degree. In some cases, the laboratory technician should earn a license. It is compulsory in some states.  Get facts about labor and delivery nurses here.

Facts about Laboratory Technicians 3: the payment

What about the payment for laboratory technician? In 2015, laboratory technician had the median annual wage at $50,550.

laboratory technicians
laboratory technicians

Facts about Laboratory Technicians 4: the employment

There is a report related to the projected growth of laboratory technician’s employment in 2014 until 2024. It will grow up to 16 percent.

Facts about Laboratory Technicians 5: diagnosis on the medical conditions

The diagnosis of medical conditions like the diabetes type 2 and cancer will always involve with the work of laboratory technician. That is why the need of laboratory technician in the future is higher due to the aging population.

Facts about Laboratory Technicians 6: the workplace

The workplace of laboratory technicians is not only in laboratories but also in biotechnology laboratories, reference labs, hospitals and non-clinical industrial laboratories.

Facts about Laboratory Technicians 7: the qualified laboratory technicians

The qualified laboratory technicians will know how to perform diagnostic testing.

laboratory technicians facts
laboratory technicians facts

Facts about Laboratory Technicians 8: the clinical laboratory areas

Laboratory technicians should be able to work in all areas of clinical laboratory like microbiology, blood banking, histology, hematology, chemistry and immunology.

Facts about Laboratory Technicians 9: the types of laboratory tests

There are various kinds of laboratory tests that the laboratory technicians should perform. They may have to do the simple to the complicated tests.

laboratory technician pic
laboratory technician pic

Facts about Laboratory Technicians 10: the high level of accuracy

The accuracy of the test conducted by laboratory technicians should be in high level. The findings of the test will be directly reported to the physicians, doctors or pathologists.

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